Prevent Burnout by Building Resilience

The purpose of Mindfulness is to help us build Resilience so we can deal more effectively with chronic stress. It facilitates Mental and Emotional balance.

What is Resilience: "It is the ability of an individual to respond to stress in a healthy, adaptive way such that personal goals are achieved at minimal psychological and physical cost...”

(Epstein & Krasner 2013)

Krasner, MD, showed that intensive educational programs in Mindfulness, communication and self-awareness, are associated with improvement in primary care physician’s well-being, and a decrease in burnout and psychological distress.

The intervention consisted of an 8 weekly 2.5 hour sessions, plus an all-day (7h) silent retreat, and a maintenance phase (10 monthly 2.5-hour sessions).

Participants engaged in mindful meditations, awareness of thoughts and feelings, self-care exploration, reflecting on meaningful experiences in their practice, and bringing their values to their daily practice. 

LaShonda Delivuk