Feeling physically and emotionally exhausted?
Are you easily angered, becoming impatient, and loosing meaning in your job? Unsure about your next step? Mindfulness has been shown to change the structure of your brain, by increasing connections between neurons, to increase empathy, motivation and sense of well-being, and decrease anxiety and stress. Dr. Assaad will assist you in moving forward, learn self-care techniques, reach mental and emotional balance, and achieve your goals in a smart way. Mindfulness practice builds resilience and creates genuine happiness leading to a more fulfilling life. 




Despite the death of his father at age five, Assaad Mounzer, M.D., a native of Lebanon grew up in a loving home. But with a civil war raging in his homeland, he moved to the United States of America, where he became an Urologist. He discovered that patients appreciated his listening skills, and his compassion. He was so dedicated that eventually he began to suffer from empathy fatigue. While he did not realize it at the time, he was bringing home his patients’ suffering and problems. In this book he describes his own struggles and his journey from suffering to acceptance and peace. As a student of mindfulness and a teacher, he shares what he has learned so others can: overcome depression; increase daily enthusiasm; face feelings of fear and self-doubt; and build resilience to get through difficult times. Filled with inspirational quotes, reflections, and exercises to make mindfulness a part of your life, this book will move you from Burnout to Engagement.



Dr. Mounzer is a well respected, compassionate Physician and Surgeon who made his transition form Urology to Coaching and Mindfulness Training. He is a talented teacher, facilitator and trainer. He is a certified Mindfulness teacher and a Certified professional life coach. He holds a Master’s degree in spiritual psychology with Emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing. He has been facilitating workshops on Health, Healing and Stress Management since 1993. He uses his compassion and caring to support his colleagues, clients, patients, and students to reach their potential in their personal and professional development. 

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Mindful MD Coaching provides coaching for individuals who are going through transition, and have challenges in their professional or personal life. We also specialize in mindfulness coaching for physicians and health care professionals who are experiencing symptoms of burnout, exhaustion, and loss of meaning in their job.

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Dr. Mounzer focuses on providing you with a complete training for Mindfulness practice, not only relaxation techniques and Meditation, but also cultivating attention and intention, building resilience to prevent burnout, bringing your values to every day, and using loving kindness and compassion, to live a fulfilled meaningful life. He also facilitates leadership training and team building, to professionals to help them improve their communication skills, deal more effectively with stress, and rediscover meaning in their career.

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Dr. Mounzer encourages you to use your own personal awareness and commitment to improve your health. He will assist you through different ways to enhance your health on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. He works with cancer patients to enhance their inner healing mechanism and their immune system.



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FREE MEDITATION CLASS - First Tuesday of the month, 6:30-7:30 pm starting Aug 6, 2019.

Location: 214 Chandeleur Dr., Mooresville, NC

The Four Keys of Mindfulness Online Course - Mondays 1 pm eastern time starting Sep 30, 2019, for 4 weeks

Mindfulness Foundation 8 Week Course: Live Workshop - Tuesdays 6-8 pm, starting Sep 17, 2019.
Location: 214 Chandeleur Dr., Mooresville, NC