Burnout to Engagement

Despite the death of his father at age five, Assaad Mounzer, M.D., a native of Lebanon grew up in a loving home. But with a civil war raging in his homeland, he moved to the United States of America, where he became an Urologist. He discovered that patients appreciated his listening skills, and his compassion. He was so dedicated that eventually he began to suffer from empathy fatigue. While he did not realize it at the time, he was bringing home his patients suffering and problems. In this book he describes his own struggles and his journey from suffering to acceptance and peace. As a student of mindfulness and a teacher, he shares what he has learned so others can: overcome depression; increase daily enthusiasm; face feelings of fear and self-doubt; and build resilience to get through difficult times. Filled with inspirational quotes, reflections, and exercises to make mindfulness a part of your life, this book will move you from Burnout to Engagement.

Great read. so relevant to our daily interactions. It should be part of the medical school curriculum and the school system in general. I love how the author shows his vulnerability, failures and yet overcoming all that with perseverance.
— Dr Zaven Jabourian, M.D.



Secrets Buried in the Sand

The soul of a country had been lost, stolen, and stripped away. Its pride had been shattered, the youth were lost, the intellectuals were leaving, and the workforce was looking somewhere else for its future. The elderly people were in denial, remembering only the good old Lebanon they had spent their life building and cherishing and refusing to believe the devastating changes and the destruction that they were seeing.