Coaching Services

Individual Coaching

I provide coaching for individuals who are going through transition, and have challenges in their professional or personal life. I listen with understanding and an open heart. I ask pertinent questions, to assist you, the client, in moving forward to create the discipline and vision for your life. I walk with you the extra mile as you are exploring your next steps and clarifying your goals.

Coaching Physicians

I coach physicians and health care professionals who are experiencing symptoms of burnout, exhaustion, and loss of meaning in their job. I provide Mindfulness training to assist them in building resilience, establish a self-care plan,  and creates Emotional and Mental balance. I also have workshops and online courses to lead them from "Burnout to Engagement". This will empower them to live a life in alignment with their purpose and values.  

Mindfulness for Coaches

Professional Life Coaches have a responsibility toward their clients, to stay in a state of balance, equanimity and caring. Mindfulness can create concentration, and focus, without getting attached to thoughts, emotions or the outcome of the session. It facilitates compassion, Loving Kindness and an an open heart, which will help the client to open up to their own wisdom, show their vulnerability and take their next steps in their own personal growth.


This training has been life-changing, something so simple like breathing, increasing awareness, empathy on a daily basis, can lead to contentment and less stress. A Winning Program.

Maria Zalduondo, PhD, Associate Professor of languages, Bluefield College


Mindfulness Practice for Well-Being, Self-Care and Stress Reduction

Dr. Mounzer focuses on providing you with a complete training for Mindfulness practice, not only relaxation techniques and Meditation, but also cultivating attention, setting intentions, building resilience to prevent burnout, bringing your values to every day, to live a fulfilled meaningful life. He also facilitates well-being groups, to executives and professionals to help them clarify their goals, deal more effectively with stress, and rediscover meaning in their career.

Visualization Techniques

Visualization has been proven to improve your immune system, relax your body and enhance your mental and emotional well-being. Dr. Mounzer's voice is very soothing, and combined with the music of Steven Halpern, promotes healing and inner joy. Whether you have heart disease, are suffering from the side effects of cancer or  getting ready to have surgery, the CD'S of Dr. Mounzer are a great complementary tool to guide you to healing and peace. Check our store for the CD's. 

Medical Consultation, Health and Healing

Dr. Mounzer encourages you to use your own personal awareness and commitment to improve your health. He will assist you through different ways to enhance your health on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. He works with Cancer patient to enhance their inner healing mechanism and their immune system. he started free meditation group once a month for the community al large.


This course was a true banquet of knowledge and practice. I am hungry for more.

Kathleen McNulty, Mindfulness participant



FREE MEDITATION CLASS - First Tuesday of the month, 6:30-7:30 pm starting Aug 6, 2019.

Location: 214 Chandeleur Dr., Mooresville, NC

The Four Keys of Mindfulness Online Course - Thursdays 7-8 pm starting Sep 12, 2019

Mindfulness Foundation 8 Week Course: Live Workshop - Mondays 4-6 pm, starting Sep 9, 2019.

Location: 214 Chandeleur Dr., Mooresville, NC


Mindful MD Coaching Packages

Complimentary Coaching Strategy Session: 30 min.
Investment: $ 0

Individual coaching: 45-60 min
Includes clarifying your intention, bypassing challenges and setting clear goals for your next step in your personal growth.

Individual Coaching Package for 3 months: one session every 2 weeks, for 6 sessions
Includes working on long term goals, personal or professional, identifying the blocks which are inhibiting your progress, creating a self-care plan, and cultivating inner wisdom, to live a meaningful life in alignment with your values.

Mindfulness, The Foundations Course
Two hours a week for 8 weeks, to learn about taming our Obsessive Delusional mind, and to establish a daily Mindfulness Practice, based on Genuine Happiness, Discerning Awareness, and Self-Compassion.

(New)-Seven steps to lead you from Burnout to Engagement:  Online course, 2.0 hours a week for 7 weeks, group session limited to 10 people.
Includes a step by step learning process to express your grief, restructure your beliefs, clarify your goals, create a self-care plan, and establish a Mindfulness practice, to live a meaningful happy life in alignment with your values and purpose. You will learn how to access and cultivate the four keys of mindfulness: attention, values, wisdom and the open heart. This will lead to mental and emotional balance with clarity of purpose, inner peace and personal fulfillment.

Live Retreat, (limited to 20 people)
Group Coaching live event, 2 days, in a nurturing and relaxed environment, to explain and practice the above seven steps, explore deeply our feelings, and move from Frustration to Fulfillment.

One Year of Coaching and Mindfulness training: Individual Coaching once a month for a total of 12 sessions, and access to our Mindfulness Foundation course once a year.
This is your best package with great benefits. Establishing a road map for your continuous success, releasing inhibitions, creating enthusiasm, and achieving goals with focus and clarity. It is about creating a nurturing self-care practice, enhance loving kindness and compassion, and extending it to others, in alignment with your life mission.

Master Mind Group: An exceptional focused attention group, with participants sharing their successes and their challenges, and finding solutions, supporting each other, and taking advantage of my personal coaching, wisdom and facilitating skills.
Includes: Individual Coaching once a month for 12 months, group coaching once a month for 12 months, one live retreat, and access to our online course (the seven steps).

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