Mindfulness Course Students

“The Mindfulness class had a very positive effect on my relationship with others, as well as myself. From the mindfulness class & practice, I learned to take control of my actions - rather than reacting to the situations I faced, I was choosing how to respond. I also learned to be judgement free of myself.

I learned how to have emotional intelligence; this includes understanding my own emotions as well as other peoples.  My most important realization was how to control my emotions rather than letting my emotions control me as I had always previously done during my life. By setting intentions, reminding myself of those, and using affirmations, I was able to stay on top of my ever-wandering mind and my rollercoaster of emotions and take control. 

I learned valuable skills such as eliciting the relaxation response. I experienced horrible stress migraines before the course and upon the conclusion of the course, I have not had one for several weeks. My mindfulness practice really influenced my relationship with my boyfriend. Before, I would get irritated over the smallest things and now, he and I have both noticed how much more patient and understanding I have been.

I found myself becoming more patient throughout the course. The things that usually would have triggered an emotional response in me no longer did or not as quickly. I was more calm than usual in stressful situations.

I like the positive results that I have seen from my mindfulness practice so much that I don't ever want to go back to a life without my mindfulness practice.”

                                                                                  Brooke O. (Honor student)

I have learned many things during Mindfulness. When I started this course, I was very stressed, so much that I had gotten ulcers in my stomach and was in treatment for them. I had many emotions inside and I did not know how to express them and was left feeling depressed all the time because I did not know how to express and tell people how I was feeling. I also struggled with sitting down and being still and simply breathing, I was always running around and doing something. However, I look at myself now and I can see how much I have grown since being in this course. 

I have learned how to handle stress better. Taking time to stop and breathe in the mornings has really helped me to focus and to handle tasks one at a time. Setting affirmations has also intentionally helped me to reduce my stress and to stop and breathe when I am feeling stressed out. I used to also be in a state of panic due to the stress in my life, and I now realize that I cannot control negative aspects of my life but I can control how I respond to them and can live in freedom since I am not bound to stress.

Setting affirmations in this course have helped me to be kinder to others and to myself. I realized that I was mean to myself and setting affirmations to replace negative thoughts about myself with positive ones have helped me be kind to myself and find genuine happiness.  

I have also learned how to express my emotions and that it is okay to be honest with others around me. Halfway through this course, I made a goal to have an honest conversation about how I was doing with someone I love once a week. I have been sticking to this goal and I cannot describe the difference it has made in my life. I feel free and happy, instead of having to bear the weight of everything alone. I cried with someone about my emotions for the first time in my life and as I was crying, I was thankful because a few months ago I would have never been so emotionally free to do that.

I think the most important thing I have learned in this course is how to be kind to myself. I have always struggled with my view of myself and I have avoided mirrors, cameras and would always tell myself that I was not worthy to receive love and affection because of who I was as a person. I would eventually take this out on my friends and be jealous of them. I have realized that I am worthy and that I can be happy with who I am. I have realized that my mental and physical health is worth taking time to work on. I never realized how destructive my thoughts about myself were and how they were hindering me from pursuing genuine happiness. Now, I know that I am worthy of love and I am worthy to pursue genuine happiness.” 

                                                                          Ashley Y. (Honor student)

Burnout to Engagement


“Congratulations on the publication of your new book “Burnout to Engagement”. It is written from the heart where passion emanates from every page. I consider Burnout to Engagement as a reference that I expect to go back to it many times, not only for the Reflections but also for the knowledge in anatomy and neurophysiology.”

-Dr. Walid Mufarrij, M.D.

"Great read. So relevant to our daily interactions. We should have and open mind and open heart to our daily interactions. It should be part of the medical school curriculum and the school system in general. I love how the author shows his vulnerability, failures and yet overcoming all that with perseverance."                                                          

-Dr. Zaven Jabourian, M.D.

 “The benefit of the “Burnout to Engagement” book was that it gave me insight into my own personal life. It helped me re-organize my goals, and weed out lots of my worries and anxieties. I call the book the worry-eliminator. I appreciated that it was simple, genuine, most realistic and brilliant! It was objective and concise, presenting concrete and empirical study data.

The simple question of “what would I do if I knew I was dying in 24 hours” did miracles to me. It made me realize that I had lots of trivial worries and issues in my life. My favorite part was chapter 6, "Genuine Happiness". Wow was I off-track!! A great guide to hands on facts of life. A must, must, must read book!”

-Dr. Marlene Abi Mansour, RN, D.PH.

 “This book is outstanding. Through the years, I’ve been conditioned to suppress any burnout or discontent with my work situation. Which in turn has created lots of guilt about having those feeling of dissatisfaction. By plowing ahead, I have failed to address issues that would have led to the personal fulfillment needed to take care of myself and others. Dr. Mounzer illustrates how important it is to address these issues and improve your work performance. Dr. Mounzer’s book was an eye-opener for me.”

-Dr. Tom Brewster, D.Ed., Dean School of Education, Bluefield College

 “There are many professions that experience what Dr. Mounzer calls Empathy Fatigue. This book brings sanity and health to the crippling mental demands of our work. Clearly written with love and compassion, the pages provide a way back to enthusiasm and hope that we can make the difference we dreamed of when we first stepped onto the path.”

-Dr. Marcia Reynolds, PhD, MCC, one of top 5 coaches in the world

Mindfulness Training


 “This training has been life-changing, something so simple like breathing, increasing awareness, empathy on a daily basis, can lead to contentment and less stress. A Winning Program.” 

-Maria Z. Associate Professor of Languages, Director Global Education - Bluefield College

“This course was a true banquet of knowledge and practice. I am hungry for more.”

-Kathleen M., Mindfulness participant

“I learned that I am the only person who can make me happy. I need to remind myself daily of the things that bring me genuine happiness"

-L. M., Mindfulness participant

 “This training has helped me determine priorities in my life and to evaluate why I feel so stressed. It has helped me to remember my values and that I cannot care for my family if I do not take care of myself"

-Susan G., Director Bland Clinic

“Very positive and well presented. I think meditation is a powerful tool and a whole new world to me.”

-Recent participant

“Exceedingly informative and educational. It was beneficial because it had a lecture and hands on component.”

-Recent participant

“I have enjoyed the Mindfulness training and have found it enlightening.”

-Melva Bowles


Healer's Art Program


 This class is helping me become more aware of how I react to situations around me. It is causing me to focus on important factors"

-Physician participant in the Healer's Art program   

"I was able to identify times in my life when I was calm and at peace"

-Physician participant in the Healer's Art program   

"I learned to focus on myself for improvement and incorporate into life the things I love and enjoy"     

-C. Z., D.O.

"Life is not all about work. I rekindled lost love of being creative"

-Physician participant in the Healer's Art program   

"I learned it is okay to take time for myself to nurture my own spirit and mind"

-Physician participant in the Healer's Art program   

"I learned to trust my peers as they are, as they have gone through the same stuff as I did"

-Physician participant in the Healer's Art program