Mindfulness Will Help You Overcome


Mindfulness has been shown to change the structure of your brain, by increasing connections between Neurons, to increase empathy, motivation and sense of well-being, and decrease anxiety and stress. 

Mindfulness Practice includes: attending to the present moment, creating awareness, and designing actions in alignment with your values, to live your life with clarity, wisdom, and an open heart.  

Mindfulness training by Dr. Mounzer also includes learning and practicing, the "calm abiding" meditation, the "Loving Kindness" meditation, and setting daily intentions to live a more meaningful life.

Feeling physically and emotionally exhausted? Are you easily angered, becoming impatient, and loosing meaning in your job? Unsure about your next step? Dr. Assaad will assist you in moving forward, learn self-care techniques, reach mental and emotional balance, and  achieve your goals in a smart way. 

Mindfulness practice builds resilience, and creates genuine happiness leading to a more fulfilling life. 

Check our retreats which are designed to create a relaxing and nurturing environment to assist you in integrating the learnings and practicing your new skills.


Dr. Assaad Mounzer

MA, ACC, FACS, Certified Coach, ICF, Certified Mindfulness Teacher


Being a Physician, and a Certified Coach, with a Masters degree in Psychology, Dr. Mounzer understands the challenges people experience in every day life, and can relate to their suffering. He is ready to walk with you the extra mile to face the rapid changes in your world. Dr. Mounzer can coach you through the challenging times in your life so you can become clearer about your goals, and achieve them with effectiveness and enthusiasm.

He is an expert in Compassionate Listening, and is a Certified Mindfulness teacher and can support you to learn Mindfulness Practice and build resilience so you can deal more effectively with stress.

Dr. Mounzer facilitates Wellness Retreats for professionals who are experiencing a significant amount of stress, including Physicians, Executives, Professors, and healthcare professionals.

He also teaches a course on "Mindfulness and Health" at Bluefield College, to help students enhance their Well-Being, and experience mental and emotional balance.



Affirmations & Imagery Can Improve Your Health


Dr. Mounzer believes in the power of positive affirmations and Imagery to improve your health and strengthen your immune system. He has 3 CD’s entitled "Improving your immune system", "Opening your Heart" and "Preparation for Surgery". He adds to his guided meditations the music of Steven Halpern, which is known to vibrate in harmony with your cells, to enhance their vitality and healing power. 

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